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Music Websites:


This website is great for music composition, but allows you to hear and see the instruments being played and to see different capabilities of each instrument.


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This is the resources page on the MENC: National Assosication for Music Education website. You can look up resources by general subject (ie, band, orchestra, choir, general music) and then look at more specific articles.


Social Studies Websites


This website provides an overview of content area reading as a discipline, as well as outlines some of the problems that students have with a text while reading. It also provides multiple strategies and activities that the teacher can use to overcome and adapt to the student's struggles. The website breaks down into all sorts of different topics, from career building to parent interaction to writing skills. It also provides numerous, grade associated teaching tips for creating an entire classroom excited and motivated to read. This week's tip is to create a team of tech savvy students. The website is free and updated constantly, and is maintained by McGraw-Hill, a notable textbook publisher, which ensures that the information found will be correct and relevant. The site also provides videos, guides for lesson plans, subject-specific resources, and a wealth of other information.



This is a website that gives you a wide array of useful American history information. It contains a digital history textbook, sample lesson plans, a timeline containing events, primary documents, and a multimedia area that contains, among other things, videos and e-lectures. This website contains a lot of information for someone teaching an american history class.



This website is somewhat useful because it provides several different ways to approach content area literacy. There are several different areas that provide helpful ways to take notes and how to pick out crucial information from lectures. This website also has an entire section devoted to online research which is very important for students to be proficient in knowing how to find valuable information online since it is how most information is found for research in modern classrooms.



United Steaming Link


United Streaming is a program that is a part of Discovery Education that allows teachers to develop resources and instructional materials for the classroom. It was introduced to me by my cooperating teacher at Waynedale. The girl I co-teach with and I have found it to be very useful. Hopefully you will too!


I have not gotten a chance to explore all the content available on these websites, but what I have currently found is a wealth of teaching strategies, curriculum aides/guides, activities and strategies that improve content literacy, as well as a number of links that provide help on how to get students excited and motivated to learn about history and the social sciences. There are a vast array of teacher resources compiled here, hope you enjoy!



Foreign Language Website


This website has two portions that are helpful to foreign language teachers. First, it links to EDSITEment, which provides potential lesson plans and a list of websites with descriptions of the types of resources or cultural information they provide. Additionally, the main website provides a link to a listing of summer professional development workshops, some of which include Building Competency in Foreign Language Instruction and Effective Strategies in the Spanish Language Classroom. With each workshop described, the presenters Power Point Presentation or notes are linked so that they can be viewed by those just visiting the website.



I just happened to stumble across this website, which offers "animated lessons" for German - animated, meaning in PowerPoint form. Usually I am pretty critical of certain lessons about pronunciation, because many of the classes that I have either been a part of or have seen do not emphasize correct pronunciation, or they allow some "americanizations" of the sounds. The PowerPoint that I viewed (titled Alphabet) introduced the pronunciations of the language - in ALL forms! It is really quite thorough! I would highly recommend this site, because they are obviously concerned with accuracy and teaching subjects in depth (as opposed to providing few and/or examples). You can also download the PowerPoints to use in your own class!
Just looking through these slide shows could help anyone learn German - they make it that clear! Enjoy!


Art Websites


This website provides articles, project ideas, discussions, galleries, and a blog that are helpful in the classroom. It is described as a "collaborative art space for students and teachers." While it contains helpful resources for teachers, it would also be interesting for students to explore sections of the site on their own.


English Language Arts Websites


Out of all the websites that I looked at this one was by far one of the coolest! I haven't gone through all the links it offers but the ones I have looked at are both age appropriate for high school students and really fun. This site consists of a compilation of various sites that could be of help in any ELA classroom (depending on the unit and age group.) One of my favorite sites was <http://www.slanguage.com/>. This particular site looks at how various people talk all around the world. I could see using this in my classroom when talking about vernacular or dialects of various cultural groups. However, there are many more to be found on this page!


Mathematics Websites


This site has some good resources for teachers, such as lessons, and activities. It also has a number of outside links to additional math related websites that are quite useful.



A good website to Aid in teaching practices is:

This site provides good ideas for lesson plans and activities that can be adapted and used in a variety of classrooms.

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